Go and Do

Just Go and DO!


Those were the words I heard as I washed my hair, tuning into church online instead of getting in my car to go. The pastor was charging those who could hear, to go and do what God placed inside of you. To take charge and move forward in the purpose He fashioned us for. I started doing that when I re-launched my website, to showcase the works I’ve done so far.


The other aspect to this that I did not do, was engage in blogging again. I used to run a blog many moons ago under the moniker Candid Cinni, that focused on hair, music, photography and random musings of life. I miss writing, I miss getting my thoughts out into the world to engage in conversations with people I would never normally interact with.

I want this space to house my travels, the food I discover, short stories and anything else that catches my fancy. I share pieces of myself on Instagram but I’d like to dive deeper in this blog.

Join me as I rediscover my interests and ideally cultivate community with like minded creatives.